2023 Trans Day of Visibility

Friday, March 31, 2023

March 31 marks Trans Day of Visibility—a day to celebrate the courage, contributions, and resiliency of trans people here in Ontario and worldwide. Today, we’re proud to release a new video that we filmed last year with Francis and David, two gay trans guys who share their experiences navigating hookup apps, dating, and sex.

Undoubtedly, trans people face unique challenges in the dating scene—from finding partners to negotiating sex and safety—and too often face both discrimination and fetishization. Yet there are common threads across our queer community, including our desire for intimacy, authentic connections, to feel sexy, and to have empowered sex.

Click the thumbnail to watch.

As trans people face increasing violence and marginalization, conversations like this are a reminder that we’re all just trying to find a little love and a lot of fun. Like Francis says, sometimes being trans is a big deal for other people, but for the rest of us it’s just our daily reality. We hope this video provides a reprieve from the painful daily news cycle and fosters a sense of belonging and community care. Visibility is so important—in the big headlines and public actions, yes. But also in the small ways we navigate things like sex, intimacy, and desire every day.

For more info and resources on sexual health by and for trans people, check out getprimed.ca

Our struggles and triumphs as queer people are interconnected, and today and every day, we love and support our trans family.

In solidarity,

Dane Griffiths, Director

Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance

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