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You’ve heard us mention the InfoPnP Facebook group in campaign updates over the past year. With a membership of 315 guys and growing, the group has organically expanded through word-of-mouth promotion. Now it’s your turn to spread the word about this unique online community and help InfoPnP support YOUR work in the PnP campaign. 

Just to refresh your memory, InfoPnP is a private FB group for guys who party n play where members can talk about PnP openly. Guys use the forum to share resources, ask questions, and offer each other support. It’s a vibrant and diverse group, and we see more and unique member-driven content and interactions every week. 

But how can you leverage InfoPnP in your work? The first step is to join the group as a service provider! As a service provider, you can use InfoPnP to promote the events, services, and supports your organization offers to guys who PnP.  ACT and MAX Ottawa are great examples of organizations that use InfoPnP to promote their virtual drop-in spaces and harm reduction programs. 

Next, your existing service users may not know about InfoPnP, so promote the group through online outreach, targeted posters, social media posts, inserts in harm reduction kits or through one-on-one conversations. If you need any assistance at all, the GMSH Main office can support you. Simply e-mail group admin Jordan Bond-Gorr at with your questions or to sign-up. 

InfoPnP is on-trend -so don’t be late to the party! 

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