Our Team

Meet Our Team

Bringing collectively more than 50 years of knowledge, wisdom, and activism to the HIV and 2SGBTQ+ health movements.

Devan Nambiar


Manager of Capacity Building & Talent Development

Devan’s work draws from over 30 years of HIV activism, advocacy, and service. At the GMSH, he works with Alliance members, social service agencies, and healthcare providers to increase their capacity to serve queer men. This includes workshops, training modules, seminars, and other resources that are rooted in our communities’ needs.

He was responsible for securing the GMSH’s first accredited CME training for healthcare providers on chemsex. In his previous work at Rainbow Health Ontario, Devan has co-authored publications on queer and trans health, produced the LGB2SQ Foundation Courses, and trained staff at hundreds of healthcare and social service organizations. While at CATIE, he was a treatment educator and wrote several practical guides for people living with HIV.

Deeply connected to community work, Devan serves on committees with the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network, Unity Health, the Ontario Caregiver Organization, Canada’s Drug & Health Technology Agency, and the Toronto Police Service. He has an MSc. in Integrated Healthcare, a diploma in Addiction and Mental Health, and received the Ontario AIDS Network Honour Roll Award in 2002 and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Society Leadership Award in 2006.

He keeps it all together with a dedicated mediation practice, aromatherapy skincare, and always having some good baskitwear on hand.

Eric Peters


Manager of Health Promotion

Eric is responsible for turning research into resources for front-line agencies and for the community. He was a core part of the team that brought together queer Black men across the province for open discussion on sex and sexual health, which led to the creation of the Black Gay Men’s Network of Ontario.

Before joining the GMSH team, he worked at the African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario. And beyond the team, he contributes to the work of the HALCO and OHTN boards of directors and is part of the PRIMP research committee at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Always with an eye towards equity and social justice, Eric is keen to see everyone in our community get the services and information that they need.

You can often spot him wearing one of his own streetwear creations, or at Hanlan’s Point in his fire-engine red speedo.

Jordan Bond-Gorr


Coordinator - Party & Play/ Chemsex Initiatives

Jordan brings the community into focus on the Party and Play campaign. They help produce content, research, and resources for service providers about the realities of chemsex and crystal meth use among queer men. Jordan is driven in their work by the impact it has in the community and the way shame and stigma fall away when drug users are supported and cared for.   

Jordan played a big part in the development of the PnP Zones of Engagement model, which offers a promising shift in how chemsex is understood and treated. They also run the InfoPnP group online and help facilitate trainings for guys in the community and front-line service providers. 

Off the clock, Jordan is known to take out the records for a spin—especially Step II by Sylvester. And most days, they’re donning a good broach, bangle, or bead (and it’s said they have a great pearl necklace). 

anya gwynne


Regional Coordinator (Ontario), Queering the Compass

anya has dedicated the last 13 years to community development within the HIV sector in Ontario and is now responsible for implementing the Queering the Compass project in Ontario—a partnership with the Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) to increase knowledge about sexual and reproductive health for 2SLGBTQIA+ people.

In all of their work, anya looks for the balance between a shared experience that connects us while acknowledging the individual experiences that make us unique. They know that an affirming—even liberating—healthcare system is not only needed, but entirely possible.

On any given day you may find anya working at home in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong, travelling the province to facilitate discussions with care providers, or teaching in the sociology department at Fleming College. Regardless of where they are, you can be sure they’ll be sporting some comfy denim overalls and a wicked smile.

Orlando St. Pierre


Operations Coordinator

Orlando proudly assumes the role of Operations Coordinator, overseeing the seamless flow of everything we do. Orlando is the lube that keeps our projects running smoothly with a big touch of style and creativity.

Before joining the team, you would find Orlando serving it among colleagues and friends in the fashion and creative industries in Toronto, the UK, and the Caribbean. A cheerleader through and through, Orlando is at his best, focusing on the finer details, whether it’s a hem-length on-set of a photo shoot or particulars around the latest and greatest sexual health campaign.

When not in our gay space, Orlando supports charitable and community endeavours; and board participation in similar Caribbean organizations close to his heart. A perfect fit for sexual health promotion Orlando keeps it honest, not shying away from candid conversations about sex and community and working to break down barriers. Unsurprisingly, he jumped at the opportunity to participate in our series “Sex with Me: conversations with black gay men about sexual health.

His desk; on pristine!
His nails; on radiant!
Orlando focuses on the details, keeping the team on task with humour and care.