New resource: Your Party & Play Field Guide

We’re excited to announce the launch of Your Party & Play Field Guide, a brand-new resource developed by the GMSH in collaboration with CATIE. This guide is all about party and play, also known as PnP, which refers to the use of certain drugs by some gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men to enhance sexual encounters.

The guide is a comprehensive resource responding to many of the information needs queer men have when considering or experimenting with PnP. The guide is grounded in the principles of harm reduction, sex positivity, and community care.

“This resource was developed with guys who PnP for guys who PnP. It is filled with their experiences and insights and offers frank, real-world advice without judgment or shame. We wanted this resource to reflect the complex and diverse experiences of the PnP scene. We asked some tough questions around racism, transphobia, and HIV stigma in the PnP scene and partnered with contributors and editors with lived experience to help make this a truly inclusive resource.  We recognize the challenges that face guys who party, but we also recognize the joy, strength, and care that can also be part of PnP.”

Your Party & Play Field Guide is packed with information on reducing potential harms, including practical tips and critical guidance on drug interactions and how to respond to an overdose.  The resource takes a sex-positive and drug-neutral approach to discuss often stigmatized practices so guys can get solid facts about the effects of different substances, potential experiences while using these substances, and where to access further resources based on a person’s needs.

The guide is available in English and French online, and free print copies can be ordered by service providers and community-based organizations across Canada for distribution in their communities. We’re confident it will be a valuable resource for anyone seeking accurate and unbiased PnP harm reduction information.

"At GMSH, we're committed to supporting gay men to experience the best sex and intimacy with the least amount of harm. This guide is a valuable resource for the community and for people who serve our community. We're proud to lead its creation as part of our Party and Play campaign."

“By combining sexual health promotion with more traditional forms of harm reduction, this guide seeks to bridge the gap by recognizing the intersection of sex and substance use. Harm reduction has always been a cornerstone of HIV prevention, but these messages are often delivered in isolation, assuming the affected communities don’t overlap. We’re proud to work with GMSH to meet the needs of guys who party and play, and the service providers who work with them.”

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