Opportunities and Challenges of HIV Self-Testing for GBTQ2+ Men in Ontario: Perspectives from HIV/AIDS Service Providers

This report has been commissioned by the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) in response to the potential approval by Health Canada of HIV Self Testing (HIVST) technology, specifically the INSTI HIV Antibody Test in the near future. Consultations were done with front-line service providers at HIV/AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) representing agencies in urban, rural, and northern communities. The staff who were consulted work in frontline positions, predominantly or specifically with GBTQ2S+ men. A representative from the AIDS Bureau at the Ministry of Health and researchers exploring the acceptability of HIVST technology in Canada were also consulted. This report will be shared with the provincial office of the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance who will in turn present the findings back to the ASO and front-line workers who contributed their knowledge and time to its creation.

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