PrEP for GBMSM: Everything You Need to Know  

This training examines the use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), a drug called Tenofovir (Truvada), to prevent HIV infection. In 2017, the Canadian guidelines on the use of PrEP to reduce and prevent HIV infection was launched in Canada. In training, we examine how PrEP works to prevent HIV infection and the different names of PrEP, from brand name to generic name. We discuss research conducted on PrEP’s effectiveness to prevent HIV in various cis and trans, gay bi men who have sex with men populations (GBMSM). The session discusses how PrEP is broken down in the body and the role of the kidney to metabolize PrEP. We further explore how to minimize any side effects of PrEP and discuss the psycho-social stigma of PrEP use for some users. Additionally, the training discusses the best methods for PrEP use for anal sex, the frontal hole for cis, trans-feminine, and trans-masculine persons. The training discusses research on PrEP 2-1-1, daily PrEP, injectable PrEP, and the cost of generic and brand name PrEP. The training is a blended learning style utilizing didactic, videos, and case scenarios. Duration 2 hours. Contents:
  • What is PrEP?
  • How PrEP works to prevent HIV infections?
  • Side effects & contraindications
  • PrEP research studies and outcomes
  • Kidney, eGFR, and bone health
  • Cost for PrEP
  • Scenarios & case studies
  • Summary
  • Resources
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe what is PrEP ​
  • Demonstrate knowledge of PrEP, and how it works to prevent HIV infection
  • Practice a client centered approach ​
  • Produce competencies in cultural safety, and clinical care​
Learning format: blended learning style include didactic, videos, problem-based learning/case scenarios, web print and resources Intended audience: Cis and trans GBMSM, front-line staff include Alliance Members, Public Health, Community Health Centre, Family Health Teams For more information and to register please contact Devan Nambiar, Manager of Capacity Building & Talent Development

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