Orlando St. Pierre

Orlando proudly assumes the role of Operations Coordinator, overseeing the seamless flow of everything we do. Orlando is the lube that keeps our projects running smoothly with a big touch of style and creativity. Before joining the team, you would find Orlando serving it among colleagues and friends in the fashion and creative industries in Toronto, the UK, and the Caribbean. A cheerleader through and through, Orlando is at his best, focusing on the finer details, whether it’s a hem-length on-set of a photo shoot or particulars around the latest and greatest sexual health campaign. When not in our gay space, Orlando supports charitable and community endeavours; and board participation in similar Caribbean organizations close to his heart. A perfect fit for sexual health promotion Orlando keeps it honest, not shying away from candid conversations about sex and community and working to break down barriers. Unsurprisingly, he jumped at the opportunity to participate in our series “Sex with Me: conversations with black gay men about sexual health. His desk; on pristine! His nails; on radiant! Orlando focuses on the details, keeping the team on task with humour and care.