New factsheet on Doxy-PEP for STI prevention

The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance is thrilled to release our latest factsheet, focusing on the use of Doxycycline for STI prevention. We want to ensure that our alliance members, people working in sexual health and our community are equipped with essential knowledge on this relatively new development in STI prevention.

Doxycycline, a commonly prescribed antibiotic, has shown promising results as a preventive measure for specific STIs, especially syphilis, where rates remain high among gay and bisexual men. It delves into the science behind Doxycycline’s effectiveness, highlighting its potential to reduce the risk of contracting certain infections.

It covers the following key areas:

  1. How Doxycycline works as an STI prevention tool;
  2. The recommended dosage and frequency of use;
  3. Potential side effects and considerations and;
  4. References and relevant Canadian research.

Download here.

“Collaboration across research, clinical, and community care to make inroads on STIs that impact our sexual health is so important. New approaches like Doxy-PEP are exciting and give our communities more choices to enjoy great sex and care for our sexual health.” – Dane Griffiths, Director, GMSH

For questions or more information on Doxy-PEP, please get in touch with Devan Nambiar, MSc., Manager of Capacity Building and Talent Development.

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