GHB awareness resources

The Gmergency Response is a grass roots group of queer men who have experience of PnP and GHB.

In partnership with the GMSH and the CBRC, they developed a set of postcards with critical information on GHB and safety. They cover the following topics:

  1. “What’s in my vial?” – Distinguishes GHB, GBL, and BDO, advising dose adjustments per substance, along with onset of effects and duration info.
  2. “How to respond to an Gmergency” – Offers insights on managing poisoning/overdose situations and basics around the Good Samaritan Law.
  3. “Dose Tracker” – Facilitates dose monitoring, reducing accidental overdoses.

These resources champion safer drug use and have been crafted by and for GHB/GBL and BDO users. They’re accessible, user-friendly, and shareable, promoting informed decisions.

These postcards draw on information from DanceSafe, The Alliance for Collaborative Drug Checking Group, The Loop, and personal experiences. They were reviewed by the Toronto Drug Checking Service, with insights from the European Chemsex Forum, the GMSH and the CBRC.

You can follow them Instagram: @gmergencyresponse

To order cards, request more information or to suggest any changes, please e-mail:

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