Updated: Ontario’s Mpox Awareness Campaign Evaluation: Final Report

This updated report documents an externally conducted process evaluation of Ontario’s MPOX Awareness Campaign. The evaluation was commissioned by the Gay Mens’ Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) on behalf of the provincial MPOX campaign partnership between the Infectious Diseases Policy and Programs (IDPP) and the Immunization Policy and Programs (IPP) units at the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario (CMOH), the HIV-AIDS/ Hep-C Program (AIDS Bureau) at Ontario Ministry of Health, the GMSH provincial office and participating GMSH alliance member representatives.

It includes background to, and purpose of the evaluation, key evaluation questions guiding the overall evaluation, methodology used, and key insights synthesized across key evaluation questions under three main topics, namely: the perceived value and quality of the collaborative experience for stakeholders, access to, and quality of GMSH supports and resources, and outcomes related to system partners’ work related to MPOX, and public awareness, knowledge and behaviours related to MPOX.

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