Ontario Hepatitis C Elimination Roadmap

The Ontario Hepatitis C Elimination Roadmap is guiding policy and practice to end hepatitis C as a public health threat by 2030. This is a collaborative, multi-sector initiative led by hepatitis C experts and with contributions from government, clinicians, the community and more.

The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance has been one of the partners in its development. Hepatitis C is among the most burdensome infectious diseases in Ontario. However, with an effective cure, widespread testing and proven prevention strategies, eliminating hepatitis C is within reach.

The Roadmap is mobilizing a network of collaborators across the health system to implement changes for health policies, programs and practices. This includes increasing the number of people tested and diagnosed for hepatitis C, expanding treatment options that are easier to access, and advancing prevention strategies, including among those at highest risk. The Roadmap uses a health equity lens, and includes dedicated approaches for five priority populations most impacted by hepatitis C:

• Gay, bisexual, queer, and men who have sex with men 
• First Nations, Metis and Inuit
• People who use drugs
• People with prison experience
• Immigrants and newcomers

For our part at GMSH, we are working to ensure that sexual health staff, including educators, nurses, and care providers, are knowledgeable about HCV, the unique factors associated with our communities’ vulnerabilities to the infection, and how best to promote knowledge, testing, and treatment access.

The Ontario Hepatitis C Elimination Roadmap report provides the full reportweb report and related fact-sheets.

To learn more, visit https://on.endhepc.ca/ 

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